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Early Dental Care

At McGrady Dental Group, we follow the guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.  We recommend children start seeing the dentist by their first birthday or following the eruption of their first tooth.  These early visits are important for many reasons:


  • to establish a dental home - toddlers often fall or bump their mouths and faces. Having a dentist on your baby's healthcare team is important if this situation were to occur.

  • to establish good oral hygiene habits

  • to evaluate and follow your baby's dental development

  • to help children can become comfortable in the dental environment long before cavities occur

  • to evaluate your baby for lip and tongue ties that can impact oral and airway development

  • Early detection of cavities is now more important than ever before.  We have many exciting new treatments that can help reverse and arrest decay if detected at an early stage. 

To encourage early care and to help establish a dental home, all children under 18 month can receive a complimentary first visit.  Call today to set up this visit for your baby!

Minimally Invasive Surgery 


With the increasing attention and interest in minimally invasive dentistry, pediatric dentistry is moving in an exciting direction.  When cavities are detected early, we now have treatment options beyond traditional fillings and crowns. Cavities that progress deep into the tooth may still require traditional techniques and anesthetic, while early detection offers additional options for treating decay. Early detection also allows for treatments that cause less discomfort and are much quicker to apply.


The aim with all of these minimally invasive techniques is to increase the child’s compliance and comfort as local anesthesia is eliminated. In addition to sealing off the bacteria in the cavity, it is expected that a child will have a less traumatic dental experience in early life and will return for more difficult or comprehensive treatment at a later, more cooperative age. Improvement in oral hygiene and decrease in cavity causing snacks and drinks are essential  to the success of these less invasive techniques. 

Silver Diamine Fluoride 

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is an antimicrobial liquid that when applied early to developing cavities, progression can be stopped. It is exciting to have a non-invasive, affordable, and painless tool in our toolbox. SDF was approved by the FDA in 2014. It became widely available to dental professionals in April of 2015 as Advantage Arrest by Elevate Oral Care.  Compared to a traditional dental treatment that requires local anesthetic and drilling of tooth structure, this treatment is non-invasive and more comfortable for the patient.  It is a liquid that is flossed or brushed into the cavity to stop the progression of decay. 

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We offer several options to make your dental experience as relaxing as possible. Each patient is unique so we offer sedations ranging from laughing gas, oral concious sedation and general anesthesia, both in house or at Rady Children's Hospital. 

General Dentistry 

With previous expierence working in a general office, Dr. McGrady is trained to see adults. Now parents can expierence the comforts of a pediatric dentist where the whole family can be seen at once.