COVID-19 Protocols 

Infections disease is not new to us in dentistry. Every day we are exposed to "bugs". The precautions we take to protect ourselves and our patients from infections also apply to coronavirus. 

  • Dental Rooms are wipe down before and after each patient with disinfectant known to kill coronavirus

  • Instruments are heat sterilized in an autoclave. Each batch is sterilized and tested to ensure complete sterilization

  • Reception and bathrooms are wiped down at least twice daily, often even more frequently. I-pads are always wiped with disinfectant multiple times a day

  • Our hands are washed and sanitized between patients. Our hand sanitizer contains more then 60% alcohol, recommended by the CDA

Rest assured, we are providing the highest level of protection to our patients and staff. We plan on staying open to serve you unless otherwise mandated by the state. 

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